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Real estate support activities in Cyprus

Most of us do not deal with real estate acquisitions on a daily basis, especially when it comes to real estate

Legal services for businesses in Cyprus

Legal services for businesses in Cyprus   Limassol head office of the company "Law Firm O. Papadimitri LLC" owned by

Translation of juridical documents. Apostille.

Lawyer in Cyprus Olga Papadimitri and the team of professionals of the Limassol law office "O. Papadimitri LLC"

Inheritance Law in Cyprus

The registration procedure of an inheritance case in Cyprus takes a lot of time, since it is necessary to contact

About me

The Founder

Dear Visitors of this web site,

To start with, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Olga Papadimitri. I am a practicing lawyer in Cyprus and the founder of the law firm O. Papadimitri LLC.

Speaking very briefly about my alma mater, I am a graduate of the Faculty of the International Relations of the Belarus State University and I specialized in Private International Law. I also graduated from the European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania with a master’s degree in International and European Law. I am currently working on a dissertation on the topic “The right to free movement in the EU and Cyprus”.

When I moved from Belarus to Nicosia in 2007, I immediately started working in one of the largest and well-known law offices in Cyprus, where I gained tremendous experience in conducting legal practice and corporate business. There I clearly decided that I will continue working in the legal field and become a member of the local bar association. In less than a year, without interrupting my work at a law firm, I prepared for the examination process (all in Greek) for the admission to the Cyprus Bar Association. I successfully passed all the exams in ten major legal disciplines of the Cyprus law at the first attempt, and I entered the top twenty finalists.

With the move to Limassol in 2012, my life has changed a lot. This time I had a chance to work with a team of Swiss and UK lawyers, whose mentality and working principles are quite different from the locals, which was also very good practice and valuable experience for me. I constantly strive to improve and grow. Time passed, and I realized that setting up my own business is an inevitable stage in the development of my legal career. This enables me to help others more efficiently, as well as gaining freedom and independence in professional activities. Today, looking at the achievements of my team and my own professional results, I can confidently say that the profession of a lawyer and attorney perfectly matches my personal qualities, characteristics, and life-affirming principles. Without exaggeration, you can call this activity creative. In addition to the monetary result, you also achieve emotional satisfaction from the fact that you help others to solve their legal issues. So far, this is my best motivation. Welcome to my website! This resource was created with the goal of providing information related to the Cyprus law, as well as maintaining feedback, answering questions of interest to you, and discussing certain events from the legal perspective.


My team and I provide all types of legal and corporate services, consultations, certifications of legal documents and translations. A wide range of legal assistance for individuals and legal entities. Extensive experience and professional approach in resolving legal issues.